Season 3 episode recap: 3x23 “I’m Your Puppet”

~ Wren showed up in Radley and we found out he had a problem with Eddie
~ The liars went to the morgue to check if Toby’s body was there
~ -A set Jamie up, causing a fight between him and Caleb
~ -A kidnapped Malcolm, but Aria found him later
~ Eddie told Spencer he suspected Wren was responsible for the problem with the badges and visitors’ passes in Radley
~ Flashback: Alison was spending the night at Spencer’s and went outside in the middle of the night - when she came back she was bleeding and begged Veronica not to say anything to her parents.
~ Spencer spent some quality time dancing with her dead bff in Radley
~ Pam told Emily they found another body
~ Spencer found a visitor’s pass from CeCe authorized by Wren
~ Wren told Spencer that:
- Alison got CeCe kicked out of university
- Melissa called CeCe to tell her Mona was in Radley
- CeCe wanted to help Mona recover from the stuff Alison caused
~ Spencer joined the -A team
~ End scene: another body being brought to the morgue

Messages by -A:
~ Hear that? It’s the sound of your mistake. When you want the bell back, gimme a ring. -A

Potential clues:
~ Has anyone noticed how Ella conveniently showed up at the carnival right when Aria was looking for Malcolm? It seemed like she was trying to distract her.
~ It’s possible that Wren knew about Spencer being out doing her first -A duty. He told Eddie not to take that book to Spencer and it totally seemed like he wanted to keep Eddie out of her room.
~ Wren told Spencer that Mona got obsessed with that ‘Voyage’ game so she traded it for cards. Shifting from one [-A] game to another? Maybe the finale story about her being the original -A is true.
~ The patient number from CeCe’s visitor pass didn’t match the number on Hanna’s visitor pass when she visited Mona. Maybe CeCe wasn’t [just] visiting Mona after all.

~ The -A that took Malcolm was confirmed to be Spencer
~ Just thought I’d point out that ‘T.C.W.’ on the map doesn’t stand for Toby, CeCe, Wren or whatever some people were speculating, but it simply means The Children’s Ward ;)
~ Spencer probably saw Alison because she hadn’t slept in 3 days and she was hallucinating.
~ The John Doe in the morgue was confirmed not to be the PI Spencer hired to find -A’s lair. Seemed like it was just some random guy.

By the way:
Hasn’t anyone taught Malcolm to not go anywhere with strangers? The kid practically asked for -A to kidnap him… good job, Maggie I think you just won the mother of the year award.
Yeah, I had to.

Best quote:
Caleb: “Hanna, you have an opinion about everything. From Honey Boo Boo’s haircut to the weird look the lunch lady gave you when you asked for butter on your corn.”

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