Season 3 episode recap: 3x16 “Misery Loves Company”

~ Aria was sick and Meredith was looking after her
~ Spencer went to Toby’s to surprise them for their anniversary
~ Hanna went to a job interview, which turned out to be an -A trap
~ -A dropped the key to -A’s lair so Hanna found it
~ Caleb and Paige teamed up against -A
~ Meredith was drugging Aria so she’d have time to find Ali’s diary pages
~ We found out Melissa was lurking around the night Ali died
~ Spencer found out Toby’s -A
~ Meredith disappeared and Aria burned the diary pages
~ End scene: Spencer crying in front of Toby’s apartment and Mona eating their anniversary dinner ;)

Messages by -A:
~ Next time you’ll be left faceless. -A

~ Red Coat was around when Hanna went to that job interview
~ The Toby reveal was most likely Mona’s revenge on Spencer
~ Toby was the -A who attacked Hanna (on set pictures prove that)

Best quotes:
“I have no problem opening a can of whoop-ass on that woman” (Hanna)
“Nail her psychotic butt to the wall” (Paige)

Still waiting for THIS song to be released? Yeah, me too. Apparently it’ll be released next month.

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