Season 3 episode recap: 3x3 “Kingdom of the Blind”

~ We could notice a clear change in Lucas’ behavior
~ Veronica told Spencer & Melissa that she’s defending Garrett for free
~ The liars suggested that Garrett was Melissa’s baby daddy and that’s why Veronica was defending him
~ Mona told Hanna that her new meds miraculously put her out of the catatonic state
~ Mona suggested that Hanna can’t trust anyone - not even family
~ Lucas told Hanna he’d been visiting Mona after she saw him in Radley
~ The liars confronted Jenna about that night and she confessed to driving Emily that night, then she made the liars promise they wouldn’t tell anyone that she can see
~ Spencer found out Melissa lied about losing her baby in June
~ Mona freaked out in Radley while Caleb was visiting
~ Mona was holding the Queen of Hearts card at night
~ Ending scene: -A having some vodka with lime and opening Alison’s body bag, possibly to play with some body parts.

No messages signed by -A in this episode.

Potential clues:
~ I noticed Melissa was collecting some ashes from the fire place and putting them in the trash. Did she burn some evidence?
~ I couldn’t possibly be the only one who noticed that when Jenna went in that medical center it took her like 10 seconds to suddenly drive from around the corner. Twin much?

Just a thought: Could Jenna be the Queen of Hearts? Is there any evidence proving otherwise?

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