Mona Is Alive theory: additional points

In case you haven’t seen the post with the original 10 points just click here. Specially before saying that we saw Mona’s body.

Thanks to my incredibly smart followers on Tumblr, Twitter and Ask, I’ve put together a few additional points that contribute to the theory that Mona might be alive after all. Enjoy.

11. The phone call

It was very convenient that Mona called Aria right before her murder. She had to make sure someone would show up and see the crime scene.

12. How long does it take to plan a death?

The producers said they had been planning Mona’s death for a year. That’s plenty of time to come up with a way to make it both believable and fake. Also, remember when A made the liars believe he/she killed Mona in the midseason finale of season 4? Mona was very much alive and hiding somewhere. 

13. It was Mona’s idea

Remember who came up with the idea that Ali should disappear and pretend to be dead? Yeah, Mona. She knows how it’s done. Anything Ali can do, Mona can do better.

14. The Jesus doll

A baby Jesus doll was put in the trunk with Mona’s body. Was that a clue that she’ll come back from the dead?

15. She’s REALLY dead, they’re not joking this time!

Yeah, sure. The producers are trying awfully hard to convince us that this time the death is real. Too hard.

16. The full circle

You know how everything seems to be Paris-themed in the show lately? Well, Mona speaks French and in the last episode Mona was listening to a French song, had a little Eiffel tower in her room and even her bed covers were practically screaming “J’aime Paris.” Who was the last person to escape to France? CeCe. Who helped her? Noel. See that? Boom!

Ok, that’s all for now.

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Anonymous asked:

I love your acc🙈

Mona Vanderwaal Answer:

Thank you thank you thank you <3

Anonymous asked:

hiii .x some people saw marilene's tweet about who is a OMG I didnt saw tweet but a boy write that who is a I AM SHOCKED

Mona Vanderwaal Answer:

It’s YOU! You’re A!!!

Oh honey, that was probably a joke. Mar wouldn’t tweet that. Xo

Theory: what if EMILY hit Bethany in the head with the shovel?!

Remember back in season 3, after Emily killed “Nate” in self defense, she went to Anne Sullivan and had a hypnotherapy session. She recalled picking up the shovel, seeing Ali in her yellow top, Alison was screaming her lungs out and then Emily hit her. I know Emily explained it later in that episode that she must have mixed up a dream with a memory. They wouldn’t have shown that clip for no reason. So what if the only thing Emily mixed up was Alison’s face with Bethany’s?

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Crazy Mona Diary: Radley Sanitarium, Day 97

I really need Noel to start visiting me soon because Lisa brought me my meds last night, and the problem is she usually makes sure I swallow them. Which is why I hallucinated Alison sitting in my chair in my room when I woke up this morning. 

I didn’t care that much at first, because similar things had happened before and I’m practically used to Ali randomly showing up. But then Sybil entered my room, said hi to Ali, sat on my desk and then they both started laughing at me. At first I was pretty sure I was hallucinating Sybil too, but when they both started calling me Rosewood’s biggest loser I forgot it wasn’t real. It felt real. I remembered that Sybil hadn’t spoken to me in 2 days so I became paranoid.

I got up, walked to my door to go to the children’s ward, but Sybil screamed at me to stop and look at her. So I slowly turned around and I saw blood coming out of her nose, then her eyes, and then her mouth. And then I noticed Ali holding a bloody knife and Sybil’s clothes were all bloody too. I couldn’t breathe. She stabbed Sybil! I started screaming and I must have fainted because I woke up in my bed a while later with Lisa sitting on my bed.

Lisa brought me some tea but no amount of tea could make me feel better at that point. I knew the whole thing wasn’t real, but the fact that Sybil still hadn’t come to see me did not help at all.

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"Whenever a beloved character or a character that fans appreciate dies, it shakes our world, and the fallout of this death is really what the show is about for the next 13 episodes, including Christmas."
- Marlene King (via fuckyeslittleliars)

(via normanbuckley)

courtney-and-ali-d asked:

I love your theory about Mona! I hope it's true. If it's not there better a whole lot of flashbacks!

Mona Vanderwaal Answer:

Thank you ♡
There will be a lot of flashbacks for sure, so I’m guessing that if Mona really is alive, it won’t be revealed for a while. *fingers crossed that she’s alive after all*

positiveteenblog asked:

Omg u need to be a detective! Your Mona theory is legit just mind blowing. That also may be due to the fact that it's 2 am right now...but still you have restored my faith;p

Mona Vanderwaal Answer:

Hahaha awww ♡♡♡ Thank you, glad you like it! But go sleep, you shouldn’t be sleep deprived ;) xo

Anonymous asked:

Had some things to add to your theory about the body being a doll. The camera zooms in on her eye and it looks very shiny maybe like a glass doll eye and maybe the doll placed in the manger was to represent the body being a doll as well as the doll placed in her arms. Sorry if i didn't word this well enough but i hope you will be able to understand it :) xx

Mona Vanderwaal Answer:

I understand it perfectly, no worries doll. The thing is that when they were filming, that wasn’t a doll. It was actually Janel as she mentioned how hard it was not to blink. But just because that was the case in reality, doesn’t mean that can’t be the case in the show. Back in the first 2 seasons the person playing A (the black hoodie scenes) wasn’t Janel, probably because they were still deciding who would be revealed as A, and also to throw people off. So you make a point, but unfortunately it’s pointles to try to figure out if Mona looks like a doll in that final scene xo

Anonymous asked:

Janel Parrish confirmed that Mona is dead but that she will be there in flashbacks

Mona Vanderwaal Answer:

Oh honey. The actors only know so much. They find out what happens when they get the scripts, so just because Mona seems to be dead for the rest of the season doesn’t mean that’s the truth. Janel obviously has reasons to believe that Mona is dead since there was a body and all. And if there are confirmations from the producers about Mona being dead, I still don’t buy it because of the many fake confirmations we’ve gotten in the past. I used to read every single interview and if I went back and re-read all of them, then Alison would have to be dead, Toby would have to be bAd etc. Besides, they can always change their minds. I still have hope ;)