There is nothing better than waking up with my Hanna doll in my arms. That practically made my day. I just wanted to stay in bed all day with my doll and forget about everything - including a certain bitch called Hanna Marin, who actually came to visit me.

It was hard to stay still and hide my surprised face for the whole hour that she was in my room. I was holding my Hanna doll, staring at the wall and trying to figure out if I was happy or sad that she was here. To be honest I still don’t know. 

She told me all about her anxiety-free life that she’s living now that I’m in Radley, but I could tell that something’s missing. I know how she was looking at me - like she needed me. Like she misses me. Like she wanted me to be her best friend again. The reason this made me happy wasn’t because I miss having her as a best friend, but because I knew I got my revenge.


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Kisses -A


An original short story about a girl who attends a very unusual school.

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I was looking at the awful slippers I have to wear here in Radley and realized I hadn’t worn heels in a while. When I sneak out I usually wear shoes that I can run in. So I went to the children’s ward and after giving all my dolls a good morning kiss I went to the room where I keep some of my things. I took my favorite heels, put them on and walked around the children’s ward for a while. 

I was just walking around and all my dolls were watching. Kind of like a fashion show with my dolls as the audience. After I got tired I brushed the dolls’ hair, took my heels off and went back to the room I took them from to put them back. And then I noticed a new doll on one of the beds in that room. She was blonde and was wearing a red coat. 

I approached the doll, but I didn’t touch or move her. I had a feeling it was a trick, but I forced myself to not react, so I just took my Hanna doll and went back to my room.

I woke up this morning and realized I’ve been stressing out way too much because of Ryan and Red Coat and a possible connection. So I went to the children’s ward, took my Alison doll, put my hoodie on and went to my therapy session. Not retail, stalking. After all, that’s therapeutic too.

I was lurking around Spencer’s house and managed to break into her car, hid inside and I was lucky - she showed up and went in the car without noticing anything was off. That bitch seems too relaxed now that she thinks -A’s in Radley. How pathetic. Anyway, turns out we went to the Lost Woods Resort. She parked the car and went inside my former lair with a laptop. 

I got out of the car with my doll and sneaked up to the window. She was just sitting in the middle of the room and doing something on her laptop. I guess I’ll ask Toby to find out what she’s up to. 

After a couple of hours she left, but I stayed and went inside the lair. I checked around but nothing was there, just like it’s supposed to be. Then I just sat down at the table and brushed my doll’s hair. It was just like old times… if only Ali had been in the next room though, I could have taken care of her too instead of just the doll.

I spent the entire day stalking Ryan. Sort of. And with stalking I mean siting on my bed with the door open, waiting for him to move. He’d been in his room all day and I was bored to death waiting for him to, I don’t know, escape from Radley or something. It would have been perfect too because the nurses decided to spend their entire afternoon playing cards in the kitchen.

After a good 8 hours of pure boredom I slowly walked to his room and spied on him through the keyhole. And my goodness, I swear that guy is even more boring than Hermie. If Hermie were here I’d probably catch him playing with barbie dolls or something and that would have been at least somewhat entertaining. But this guy was just sitting on his bed and staring at the ceiling. Every now and then he got up and walked to the window and back. 

At some point he finally walked towards the door so I made sure he wouldn’t see me. He opened the door and walked into one of the empty rooms. I couldn’t follow him because I was afraid he’d see me. And when he came out of that room… he had a Red Coat doll in his hand!

He went back to his room, but I couldn’t spy on him anymore because the nurses were done having fun and decided to start doing their job again. But I have the feeling the fun is just starting for me.

Shit Happens - PLL style. Enjoy ^.^

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